About Booktastic

BookTastic – a group of friends who are total book-geeks. That’s it, in short.

Looking for a way to encourage and inspire children to love books as much as we do, we started small with a monthly  book club for kids. Based in a little-used store-room of our local Waterstones, it was open to any children who were interested in reading, and talking about books.

We chose books that we liked (often the most difficult part of each month – how to choose?!) and built a crafty/creative session around themes and text in the books. Readings were followed by chats, discussions, questions, and finished with bringing the story to life through art and creativity.

As news spread the sessions became bigger, and more frequent. We moved to Bedford’s fabulous BedPop which quickly led to the need for more sessions, more events, more children. More books.

July 2014 saw Bedford’s inaugural Children’s Book Festival, held at the Higgins Museum, where we were joined by authors, designers, artists and creators from Bedford and beyond, attracting over 600 guests to our festival of literary love!

Since then we have responded to requests from across the county to take part in events, from Family Fun Days, to charity fundraisers, to Bedtime Storytime sessions! The aim, however, remains the same – get kids excited about books. Challenge – ACCEPTED.

Our most recent BookTastic Children’s Book Festival was on 3 November 2018 and we after a quick breather we will start planning the next BookTastic which will be on 6 & 7 July 2019.

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